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Posted on: November 18, 2010 4:03 pm
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Week 11 NFL Picks & Predictions

I wonder if the Steelers fan who insulted me last week for picking the Patriots to win will be back.  LOL.  People are funny.  Anyway, hope everyone's having a good week.  Enjoy the read: 

Bears @ Dolphins-- Word is Chad Henne may be back for this game. Even if he isn't, Tyler Thigpen proved he could get the job done last week. Jake Long is probably a go for tonight's game. I hate the play-calling. It's too vanilla, and they are not using Ronnie Brown enough. The Bears, however, still have O-line woes and do not play as well on the road. Look for the Dolphins to win their 2nd home game of the season. Their contention for a playoff spot depends on it. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Bills @ Bengals-- The Bills beat a tough Detroit Lions team last week to secure their first win of the year. They've been competitive. But, I think the Bengals offense comes to life in this one in front of their home crowd. I'll take Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson over Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson. PREDICTION: BENGALS

Cardinals @ Chiefs-- Derek Anderson is the starting QB of the Arizona Cardinals. Not much more to analyze here. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Packers @ Vikings-- Brett Favre is done. Age and the injuries have caught up to him, and the coach is too stubborn to bench him. Adrian Peterson can't win by himself; especially when they call about 50 pass-plays per game to cater to Favre. Packers get the season sweep. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Redskins @ Titans-- A $78 million extension for Donovan McNabb? Really? Wow. Anyway, one of the bottom-ranked defenses takes on one of the top defenses. Add Chris Johnson to the mix, and it makes the pick in this contest pretty easy. That good start for the Redskins is quickly fading. PREDICTION: TITANS

Browns @ Jaguars-- The Jaguars won a game on a hail-mary last week. I'll go out on a limb and say that luck won't cut it this week. The Browns are a competitive; scrappy bunch, and will play much better defense than the Jaguars saw last week against the Texans. Maurice Jones-Drew should do well, but I think Peyton Hillis does better in this one. Not sure this is an upset either. PREDICTION: BROWNS

Texans @ Jets-- The Texans couldn't take advantage of a lousy Jaguars defense last week. I don't see how they do any better against Rex Ryan's Jets. The downward slide continues, and the hot seat for Gary Kubiak gets hotter. PREDICTION: JETS

Ravens @ Panthers--The Ravens are coming off a tough loss to the Falcons. I don't see them tripping up again to a Panther's team that's averaging just 11.6 points per game. Ravens BIG. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Lions @ Cowboys-- Matthew Stafford is out for the season - yet AGAIN. The rest of the team couldn't beat a winless Bills team last week. Don't see how they handle a resurgent Cowboys team. Garrett improves to 2-0 as a coach. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Raiders @ Steelers-- The feeling here is the Steelers regroup after getting man-handled by the Patriots last week. The Raiders are improved, but they're not ready to beat a pissed-off Steelers team yet. PREDICTION: STEELERS

Falcons @ Rams-- For reasons I can't fathom, the Rams are a completely different team on the road then they are at home. I think they catch the Falcons by surprise here and pull off the upset with Bradford, Jackson, and the improved defense leading the way. Matt Ryan & company come back down to earth somewhat. PREDICTION: RAMS

Buccaneers @ 49ers-- The 49ers offense has come back to life. They may have their answer at QB with Troy Smith. I think the momentum carriers over, which is not good for a Bucs secondary that made Jimmy Clausen look good at times last week. The 49ers take another step towards a late-season run. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Seahawks @ Saints-- Drew Brees and the Saints come off a bye week; well-rested, and are at home. The Seahawks are in the middle of a long road trip. The Hawks' chances in this one are "difficult" at best, plus the Saints may have Reggie Bush back on Sunday. Saints big at home. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Colts @ Patriots-- Peyton Manning & Tom Brady are two of the best in the game. The defenses for both teams are improving. The difference in this game will be the running game. Big advantage to the Patriots. Look for Bellichik to call a lot of running plays to keep Manning off the field. It's a strategy that's often worked in Foxboro. I don't see Sunday shaping up any differently. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Giants @ Eagles-- The Giants sure didn't act like the NFL's #1 defense Sunday when they made Jon Kitna look like Joe Montana. Because they half-assed it and failed to game-plan properly, they now find themselves in a must-win situation on the road against a QB in Michael Vick who just scored six TD's. The Giants defense will have to have their best game of the season for the Giants to come out on top. I'm just not sure which defense we'll see out there; plus the offense has more injuries than a M*A*S*H* unit. PREDICTION: EAGLES

Broncos @ Chargers-- Who are the Denver Broncos? Anyone got this team figured out? How do you give up 59 points to the Raiders; then put up 49 points against an improving Chiefs defense? Well, the one player in this game who has been consistent this season is Philip Rivers. If the Raiders can hang up 59 points against the Broncos defense, then I have to believe Philip Rivers will be able to outscore Kyle Orton at home. I'll go with my gut here. PREDICTION: CHARGERS
















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